The Goshen Stamping “Rock”

Goshen Stamping Rocks

Goshen Stamping is a foundationally strong, enviable business nearly 100 years old.  Companies that make it to 100 are among the rarest items on earth.  it is inconceivable that an organization reaches this milestone without a strong foundation of leadership, passion and commitment from its employees.  These people are the foundational rock on which companies like Goshen Stamping rests and deserve special recognition. 

There are many people in the history of Goshen Stamping that are the rocks that support this great business.  The current class of leaders recognize those people and the work over many years they put in to building and maintaining Goshen Stamping.  We take seriously our charge as stewards of the values, hard work and commitment that proceeds us. 

If someone were to listen in to the current leaders, one would hear the word rock used almost daily.  Today, a rock is an important project to be completed within a 90-day window that is critical for the current and future success of Goshen Stamping.  It is just one tool in a complete bag of tools and processes we use to continue the legacy of Goshen Stamping.  The overall process is called EOS and stands for Entrepreneurial Operating System. 

The rocks outside the Goshen Stamping front door represent the company and the people who are the rocks of the company.  They also are reminders of the rocks we create and work on every day and how important it is that we pursue them with the same passion and commitment of our predecessors.  People who have named rocks have made a significant contribution to Goshen Stamping over many years.  The contribution is the kind that has helped shape the past, present and future of Goshen Stamping.  In other words, Goshen Stamping wouldn’t be what it is without these people.

Strong rocks last for hundreds and thousands of years.  We are grateful for the opportunity to install and maintain the rock that greets people entering our front door.  More importantly, we are grateful for, and work for, the people who have earned a named rock, as foundational members of the Goshen Stamping family.