Celebrating over a century of excellence

Goshen Stamping has been providing quality metal stamping services since the company began in 1920. Over a century later, we have grown into a widely-recognized leader in metal stamping services with a facility of 80,000 square feet and a large team of experienced employees providing high-quality products and services to our customers.

The early years

The company was first established in 1920, as a partnership between John H. Yoder and Ervin Kenaga, and was incorporated on April 2, 1923 as Goshen Stamping and Tool Co. The shop came under the direction of John S. Plank, who would lead the company until 1965, who set a foundation of excellence and respect for our employees, customers, and suppliers.

Throughout the 20th Century

In 1965, Mark Yoder became president of Goshen Stamping, and would continue to help the company grow. Eight-four hundred square feet of space was added to the plant in 1973, increasing the overall size to nearly 45,000 square feet in total. Ronald D. Minzey bought the company in 1975 and changed the name to Goshen Stamping Co. Inc. Gerald ‘Jerry’ Trolz joined the company around this time as well, as the administrative vice president. He would later buy the company alongside Bob Havens in 1981, and would lead Goshen for over thirty years.

Goshen Stamping continued to expand in both capabilities and size. In 1990, Jerry Trolz bought the company in full and expanded the office, bringing the total size of the plant to 75,000 sq ft. In 1996, we received the Distinguished Supplier Award from Emerson Electric based on our service, price control, on-time delivery, and the quality of our products and our services. To continue to uphold that level of quality, Goshen’s quality management system received an ISO 9000 certification in 1998. This would later be updated to ISO 9001:2000 in 2003.

The 21st Century to the Present Day

As a new century dawned, Goshen Stamping continued to anchor itself and everything it did firmly in its original foundation of quality and excellence. Thanks to our team’s dedication, we were awarded the Supplier of the Year award in 2007 from Green Bull Ladder Co. (now Werner Ladder) for the tenth consecutive year in recognition of our superior quality, service, and cost containment. We are one of the few companies that has ever been recognized for this award for ten years in a row. In 2016, Goshen Stamping was among the inaugural class to be inducted in to the Indiana Manufacturers Hall of Fame.

In 2016, Goshen Stamping was sold to Eric C. Kus, who continues the tradition of excellence in quality service, supporting its employees with respect, training, and appreciation for the family of employees and its suppliers. We have continued to maintain and update our ISO 9001 certification, and are a leading supplier of metal stampings to the ladder, educational, RV, and agricultural equipment industries.

If you’re in need of a trusted supplier of metal stamping services, then check out our website or contact us today for more information about what Goshen Stamping can do for you.